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Article written by the majestic Sean Lloyd on the 17 Jun 2008

Sorry about my little away time there but I have been abused by parties. I went to Infected Mushroom on Friday night and nearly spun off the planet. I also went out on Thursday night. Oh yeah and Sunday we went to the Seether after party at Tiger. I’m basically riding into Tuesday on the back end of a triple bender. Wow the earth looks good today. I can feel the coreolis effect, awesome. If that is spelt right then cool. If not then I don’t care because I passed journalism school so everything I do is correct.

Does milk thistle really help the liver? My left leg is even going numb. This could be serious.

I have a meeting at 11 today so I’m going to be off now but I promise to do something by the end of the day. We are also having a competition next month and the prize is…you guessed it…alcohol.

I’m going to go make myself look smart, spray on some new fragrance I have called “Teenage Desire” and act is if I really know how to cross reference hedge funds riding on the bull end of a bear market.

Why am I going to a meeting at a bank? Am I going to a meeting at a bank? It’s all up in the air right now but such is life.

Look I don’t know what I’m talking about it feels as if I have been poisoned. Got a cool 4 hours sleep after Saturdays party.

This is a dark time for me. I have a nice photo later of a naughty girl we saw at Bambu. Ass!

Sean Lloyd


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