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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 11 Jan 2008

I was at a wedding the other day and noticed someone wearing a very old school pair of sunglasses, but super old school in fact! Trust me, ex- models know what is good in fashion. I never quite knew what to make of it until I was browsing through the internet(Oh yeah! I have internet!) and noticed a trend emerging. We can now safely predict that anyone who reads any fashion magazine or follows any trend in Cape Town will be wearing these sunglasses very soon. Cape Town loves trends, and not too long ago it was the Gucci, Dior and whoever else trend where sunglasses had to be huge. Some guys went overboard on the craze and started to resemble women themselves. Take it easy guys, just because it’s in a magazine or on the internet does not mean that it will suit you.

It did make for a very sexy bunch of girls in Cape Town. Just as long as there is nothing to hide behind those shades darling.

Anyway, the new trend is away from the whole sci-fi look and more into the old school film star look. The celebrity of old. Picture Jack Nicholson wearing a pair of these bad boys. Or here I will offer you a picture of what chicks dig; Brad Pitt:


Four minutes after punishing Angelina.

Also enjoy these limited edition bad boys:


Those are from Oakley and were a limited edition, and they are all already sold out on their online store(Click OAKLEY OLD SCHOOL for the shindig). When stuff like this sells out it makes it more exclusive, and people will be hunting them down. This opens up the market to everyone making these style of sunglasses. So expect the trend to come and go, as trends do.

I can just see every “celebrity” at this years J&B Met wearing them.

The best ones are made by Tom Ford and Ray Ban.

Expect Spitfire to start manufacturing poor quality versions of them very soon!

Now you know. Now you’re informed. Now I can go chill out at Forres.

The Ray Ban Wayfarers retail for R1725(ZAR) at Mellin Optomerists in Canal Walk, Cape Town. But any Ray Ban dealership in Cape Town such as Occhiali should stock them if they know what is good for their bank balance. For Cape Towns elite, the Tom Ford “Cary” retail for about R5000, according to GQ South Africa.

Sean Lloyd


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