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Article written by the majestic Sean Lloyd on the 19 Jul 2010

So as you know it is the Tour De France and cycling lovers everywhere are absolutely busting a nut over the thought of men in tights, riding fast bikes. I for one am stoked, because I love the tour! I don’t particularly like the fan boys who talk to me about Shimano vs SRAM ‘gruppos’ while I’m out on the jol. Dude, shuddup!

Having said that, cycling is an amazing sport and the equipment that comes with the sport is even more amazing. Oakley manufacture some of the most potent and effective sports eye-wear in the world (I actually wouldn’t even look to another brand for sports eye-wear)

So our buddy Marc (O-Box design, my choice in Wordpress themes) is running a competition over at his blog where you can win a pair of Livestrong Oakley Scalpels as well as a pair of Livestrong Oakley Jawbones. Click HERE to enter.

livestrong jawbone


It’s pretty easy to win them and you don’t need to be a genius, which helps because if you’re reading my writing, you might have some learning difficulties. You’ll obviously be a rad person, but we can’t all be rad and clever can we?

I’ll trade brains for rad any day of the week!

And the Jawbones ROCK! Seriously, as sports sunglasses that is the only model you need to look at.

They are pure rock ‘n roll excess.

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