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Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 29 Oct 2009

Being vain, superficial and shallow is not easy.

But it’s something I live with every day.

When giving gifts, I never think of the person I’m giving the gift to, I always like to take myself into account. If it’s someones birthday I’ll go “Ok I’ve got R1000 spare to spend on their birthday present”

Then I’ll try convince myself that there is something in the world that costs R1000 that I need for my survival, and that this R1000 needs to be spent on me and not the person whose birthday it is.

So I’ll drop a grand at Grandwest and go “Oh but it’s an addiction, I cannot help it! You can’t mess with genetics”

Or I’ll buy another iPod, convincing myself that two are needed so I can listen to music at all times not having to worry about charging my battery.

But such is life!

Anyway for the superficial, shallow set like myself, I like to gift sugar. In a recession it makes perfect sense! Lull people into a sugary coma so they don’t know how cheap you really are. And while I thought I was the only one really cheap on gift giving, it seems it’s more of a trend than I thought!

Get it Magazine Cape Town have an ad for Huletts sugar that looks like so: (No, don’t be like SO!)

Huletts Sugar Gift

Enjoy the text if you couldn’t read that:

Cutting back on spending doesn’t mean minimising on style. Huletts speciality sugars allow you to be practical and stylish this Festive season with the most affordable and sensible gift idea. Huletts White & Brown Cubes and Rainbow Crystals, available in table friendly and re-usable packs, are the perfect gift solution…tra la la la I don’t feel like typing the rest!

That gives me so much joy!

I can now be selfish and self centred, and still feel good about myself.

Thank you Huletts!


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Shame… The Huletts marketing execs really do try hard. They really don’t have to, I mean – how many other sugar brands can you name?

November 02 2009 09:09 am Chazz Michael Michaels Website

So true, it's like, you can have any brand you like, as long as it's Huletts! And I'm sure the private labeled sugars are also acquired through Huletts. That's the job we all want!

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