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Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 23 Oct 2009

South African Powerball

That’s right you heard me, well sort of. Tonight is the first night of the South African Powerball Lottery which I will be winning  (Obviously), and to kick the celebrations off like a dead lepers head, we’ll just give away a Volkswagen Scirocco as a sort of little prize. Then we’ll get into the real stuff.

Anyway I have no idea how the Powerball works but you can click here to read about it. Enter because tonight is the first draw and it’s chilling at R30 million. Now we all know the SA lottery is a scam and all the profits get eaten by some greedy bastards, but look, you wear Gap and Nike so you essentially support slave labour anyway. So this is the least of your worries!


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That lottery website is as scintillating as watching paint dry.
Maybe Gidani should take some time out from diverting funds to ghost winners and spend some cash on an upgrade.

October 23 2009 13:30 pm Sean Lloyd Website

It is a bit of a shocker! I see blogs looking better on no budgets, never mind the lottery and all their funds. amazing that so many people enter and the prize is never that big. So they introduce this now and everyone will play it, they must be making sick amounts of money.

That's fine of it goes back into the country, development, education, charities etc but we know it doesn't.

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