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Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 21 Sep 2009

So I have done all the dirty work for you philthy scoundrels once again, leaving you to simply enjoy your life (Unless you have an office job, then it’s difficult)

But in the areas where I can improve your life, I do, so due to the extreme amount of leisure that I possess, I have checked the DSTV magazine for Tuesday 22 September  so that you can come home drunk from work, or high, possibly both, slump down onto the couch with your beloved case of beer, and tune right in to what is good. Because there is nothing worse than having to try see what is on TV when you’re blind drunk. Let’s check this Tuesdays worthwhile stuff, I’ve chosen evening shows because for some strange reason a lot of you people still e-mail me from corporate accounts, leading me to believe that you are foolish and still possess day jobs. I have not done a whole weeks programming because after Wednesday you are no doubt going to be going on a massive drug binge, you rotten sod you!

Tuesday 22 September:

M-Net (101) — 20:30 — CSI Miami Season 7 (Sunglasses necessary)

M-Net (101) — 00:35 — August Rush — I’ve seen this and it is awesome! “Freddie Highmore plays Evan, a boy who grows up in a home for boys, but who is an outcast even there. He feels different from everybody else and can hear music in everything around him. But like any child, he believes that his parents always wanted him, so he develops his musical talents in the hopes of  finding them. His journey to New York City brings him into contact with Wizard (Robin Williams), a man eager to capitalise on the child prodigy’s talent.”

M-Net Movies 2 (104) — 20:00 — The Devil Wears Prada — Anne Hathaway looking hot, everyone looking smart. Some people believe the character Miranda Priestly is based on Anna Wintour of Vogue. Highly entertaining, just don’t get caught perving if you’re with the wife.

M-Net Movies 2 — 23:35 — Jackass Number 2 — Gross yet hilarious! A highlight is when Steve-O shoves a fish hook through his cheek and throws himself off the boat as bait for sharks. Rad!

Sony Entertainment Television (113) –18:10 and 22:05 — The Late Show With David Letterman — I absolutely love this show, celebrity guests and all. Although I really miss Conan O’ Brien as well! And Jay Leno!

BBC Entertainment (120) — 23:35 and 02:15 — Derren Brown: Trick Of The Mind. The magician Derren Brown is mental! Watch this stuff, it’s rad.

Vuzu (123) — 22:00 — South Park. Yes!

E! Entertainment (124)  Posh and Becks True Hollywood Story. Come on, you do love them! It will be an interesting story nonetheless.

Travel Channel (181) — 20:00 — Floyd Uncorked. The legend of Floyd lives on in his TV show, probably one of the best shows I’ve ever seen because of his easy humour and love for the tipple! Also check the Travel Channel from 23:00 until 00:00 for The Thirsty Traveller. The man gets paid to be an alcoholic, ha ha!

BBC Knowledge (251) — 17:30 and 23:30 — Top Gear, enough said. There is also a show on at 18:30 called A Year In Tibet which could be interesting, I’ve always held an interest in Tibet and I read the odd thing on Buddhism, it’s all very intriguing.

And that’s it, my TV guide for Tuesday!

Hey? No problem, thank me later. It’s what I do, I bring joy to the masses.

It’s like a curse sometimes, being so giving. But I deal with it. On a daily basis.


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I refuse to watch any show featuring a guy called “Derren” i.e. Cape Flats for Darren.

September 25 2009 16:10 pm Sean Lloyd Website

Passion gap!

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