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Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 23 Sep 2009

Just a note on SLXS this week, Thursday is a holiday and my posting has been quite odd this week with a lack of new stuff, but bear with me, I haven’t been feeling 100%!

Which has meant that I have not been out much, getting all the cool stories I think you need to know. This is legitimate though because I do have a ticket for Basils party tonight but am not feeling quite so hot that I think it’s a good idea to go. So while everyone heads out, I’m home preparing new content.

I know…the lengths I go to for you!

So that’s where we’re at, I’m super unhappy that I’ve had to miss Basil’s party as it is going to be phenomenal, and now I can’t bring you any photos. But we’ll make it up to you, and I will be out in full force at the next one of Basil’s parties.

So know that we’re all in the loop, let’s get back on track!

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