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Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 15 Dec 2008

You would have noticed that the world is turning back to the old school. From people buying record players, to wearing old school watches, shoes and Ray Ban Wayfarers, we are going back to the days of old.

Remember the days when you were a kid and used to own all that lumo clothing?

Well it’s baaaaaaaaack!

You may have noticed lumo shirts being sported around town this summer and the surf brands have kicked it off. I went to Quiksilver on Saturday in Canal Walk to grab myself some new shirts to add to the funky summer vibe that is being kicked around Cape Town.

Check it:

Lumo print shirts


Quiksilver are selling them at R169, and they are called “Fluoro”

It’s so sick!

Oh and that is “Quiksilver” not “Quiktits” or “Quikcock”

I can see how easily some of you might mistake that. But I’m here to correct you before you make those mistakes.

All the good surf stores and surf brands are stocking the luminous shirts this summer, and I suggest you go grab a few. It makes me feel young again!

Sean Lloyd


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