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Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 16 Nov 2008

I don’t want to come across as superficial or anything, but I do tend to like hot women. And I think in these days of nutritional awareness, there really is no need to be that big. Somehow bigger guys can get away with it, their mates will still high five them, they will still feel like a million bucks and chances are they will still get the job — even if they are a little bigger.

So on Friday night I was making my way through to FTV in Cape Town when I decided to be sneaky and pop into Tantra in Claremont to check out the vibe. Now I had heard that it was quite young, like school girl young, but I thought I would be very naughty and dirty and check it out anyway.

So this guy* is chilling at the bar, drinking a whisky, scoping out the general vibe. He sees a girl next to him at the bar (Quite a large girl), and is clearly not impressed.

He takes a sip of his whisky, looks at her and says


Girl gives him a weird look.

He takes another sip of whisky.


“Excuse me?” Says the girl.


“What the hell are you talking about”

“Oh don’t worry sweetie, I knew you wouldn’t know what a salad is”

Take a moment there. Breath in deeply. Count to ten.








Have you ever in your life heard something so awesome! I know that in my existence I have never come across something so phenomenal! It leaves you somewhat speechless.

It’s quite phenomenal to actually be part of something like this, and I’m fairly sure that I can claim this. Claimed and owned!

The answer to your question is “Yes”

Yes that just did happen.

*This guy may or may not have been me.
Sean Lloyd



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Jerry @ Website Reply

Are you nervous? Go go go!

Sean Lloyd @ Website Reply

Tin Roof…2002-2003…the best memories!

goldilocks @ Reply

Two can play that game, Sean.


Cape Town's Favourite Son @ Website Reply

Careful Sean Lloyd,

You don’t want the Fat Girl Mafia on your trail.

You do know about the FGM… don’t you?

Sean Lloyd @ Website Reply

Goldilocks — I think you’ve missed your porridge this morning. Go have a little lie down and you’ll be fine.

CTFS — I’ve heard of them, but I normally just walk at a brisk pace when they chase me and they can never catch me.

Shane @ Website Reply

I don’t know why Fat chicks, Um I mean large women take offense at your anti-fatty chirps. Do they not realize that you’re only trying to help them?

Would they prefer words of encouragement as they devour there 5th Pie for the day?

Sean Lloyd @ Website Reply

Shane, brilliance again! You’re one of the few that understand.

Chicks must be honest now: when a thin chick sees a fat chick she has exactly the same thoughts as we guys do. They just won’t admit to it on this “internet” thing.

goldilocks @ Reply

Sean, sadly you entirely missed the point of my comment – Salad is to the fat chick, like vaginas to you. Sorry to have to spell this out. :)

Sean Lloyd @ Website Reply

Yeah I’m a bit slow at the moment, I’m being drip fed alcohol and I think it’s doing weird things to me. I’ll be out of my hotel soon and then I think things should return to normal this side…

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