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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 23 Nov 2011

ray ban caravan arista gold

The problem with anything classic, is that every dickhead wannabe fashion designer/street photographer/craft beer drinking tool is going to be wearing them. Not that these fools should in any way detract from iconic styles such as Aviators and Wayfarers, but in some sense they do. Go to any music festival and you’ll see everyone in Wayfarers and Aviators. And the upper class hipsters will be in their Persol Steve McQueen’s. While the chinas kick in in their Oakleys.

The problem with Iconic styles is that people will go buy their R100 rip offs at Mr Price. We won’t speak about these people. Anyone who buys fake Aviators just doesn’t get it.

The cool thing about Ray Ban Caravan is that no one has caught onto them, because they’ve never really had that Hollywood feature. No film or person has really brought them into the spotlight, but in my eyes, they are one of the most perfect pairs of sunglasses. Here they are on a few celebs:

taylor lautner ray ban caravan

Taylor Lautner

cuba gooding jr ray ban caravan

Cuba Gooding Jr

jared leto ray ban caravan

Jared Leto

They’re more suitable to most faces than Aviators because they don’t have the tear drop shape. They offer better coverage than the Wayfarers and are more comfortable thanks to their thin metal arms (Wayfarers can hurt your ears after extended periods of use, and are really bad at blocking the sun because their design is so open) They also sit closer than Aviators and so block more sun out from the sides and the top. And their square , solid design gives them a masculine feel that you can be proud of.

ray ban caravan gunmetal

They are not available in a polarized version which is a pity, but you can get them in the classic gold frame or a gunmetal frame with green lenses for around R1600.

I honestly believe they are Ray Bans most under rated pair if sunglasses. And if you buy them now, then one day if they become really popular at least you can say you wore them before they became really cool. Because once they’re cool, they fall into hipster category. And then you’re just a dick.

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