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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 11 Oct 2011

I’m still a huge fan of classic white v neck t shirts, but my girlfriend has gotten me to try some things a little bit different. I’m still not sold on colours such as green and blue, but grey…I’ll do grey! In fact I’ve now come to love grey and it has replaced white as a favorite colour for my v-neck t shirts. I don’t really want to spend more than R150 for a t-shirt, because I know how easy it is to mess on them/lose them/tear them. Woolworths have an awesome range of t-shirts in about the R130 price range. They have new ones made of ‘cotton modal’ I have no idea what this is, but they are incredibly soft and smooth, and having them around your body all day is a somewhat sexual activity. This is one of my favorites (Shot with a Blackberry which is the modern day equivalent of a pinhole camera):

woolworths v neck

We’ll chat about my ‘Naked & Famous’ Japanese Selvedge jeans next time…

Head down to Woolworths and stock up on a pile of these for summer.

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