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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 17 Feb 2011

Right now, you don’t look as good as you should because you’re probably not drinking two litres of water a day. And buying bottled water is killing the planet man!

So the solution? Buy a water filter from H20 that is fitted at the sink, and then fill the two litre bottles up for this water dispenser, so you have to finish a bottle a day. This isn’t a water cooler or filter, merely a dispenser, but let’s be honest this will look SICK on your desk!

h20 cartoon water dispenser


It let’s people know that, yes, you can party. And yes, you have a child like side to you. But you’re still here to tear the business world apart!

The best part? It’s only R150, and it’ll make sure that you get your two litres a day.

Click here to buy it.

Go and get it you hero.

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