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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 17 Feb 2011

Look, I won’t say too much about this, I’m merely gently tossing the idea out there. Reason being is that people will start to ask ‘How do you know about this stuff?’ A gentleman never tells ;)

I wouldn’t actually be afraid if I were you, and I wanted to use this. The fact that they actually make them is comforting enough! Because that means there are other people like you out there, so you’re doing alright!

Basically what I’m talking about, is an artificial vagina.


Nothing mom and dad, wrong website, ghost writers actually write for me!

So this is the fetish some people are dealing with:

fleshlight alien

Click here to buy that safely and securely on

And buying at is 100% confidential, the box will arrive in plain packaging, not some neon sign saying  ‘Artificial Avatar Vagina INSIDE’

Trust me champ, no one will know you’re having sex with Neytiri. Although, in her defense, she was quite hot!

You’re also thinking that this is quite cool? Ha ha what?

No man, I’d never think of getting one! Don’t be silly!


That is all.

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