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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 09 Dec 2010

I saw a friend the other day while driving. Now normally when you see people you are pretty chilled, a nice ‘Howzit going’ or ‘Yo mo fo’ will do. Not in a car. In a car people positively lose their flippen’ minds. Have you ever been chilling in traffic, and you hear a hoot. You ignore it, blaming the taxi’s. But it goes on and on until you’re about to get out of your car and break face. Then you turn around and realise it’s a friend of yours hooting to try and get your attention. You give a smile and a wave but they are going hysterically over the top, teeth showing, waving like Rain Man and generally acting like complete delinquents.

excited face omg

What your friends look like

So now the wave is over and you actually can’t talk to each other and then they motion for you to wind down your window. CRISIS. Random chat ensues.

Once this is all done and you’re wiping the anger from your face you get a text message from them.

Seriously, what is it about seeing a friend in a car that is so exciting, and makes you go full retard?

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