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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 29 Mar 2010

I won’t lie, I do turn the voice off on my GPS because listening to that automated voice is like shagging a robot…it’s not so kiff.

So anyway, after hearing stories of Minki being at the finish of the Cape Epic this weekend, I all of a sudden remembered Minki! She’s been off the radar for a bit but now she can be on the radar on your GPS. Mad.

You see, they’ve put her in a tank and made her shout and talk and gaan aan (You like that? Because she’s Afrikaans. Yeah…nice!) and now you can put her inside your Garmin, which is quite a feat of human ingenuity!

Obviously I can’t remember what Minki looks like so here is a photo of her most important features:

minki van der westhuizen photo on tank

Woopsie daisies! Nice tea cosy…

Oh and not to forget what her face looks like:

minki van der westhuizen bum maxim

So click below to have the Minx direct you on your merry cruises! Oh and they also have Vanessa Haywood. SICK!

The only problem I have is, when you get out the car, what do you do with your boner?

Tuck it up into your waist band?

What if your shirt is tucked in?

My parents were right. Life is full of difficult decisions.


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stevo Website Reply

the minki was there…some okes are saying its not her in the video but that’s kak.

i even got her autograph.

how flippen close does his wheel come to her #$%

April 12 2010 09:12 am Sean Lloyd Website

Shot Stevo, yeah I know I was there, saw the Minx!

I just had to say I wasn't there as I told some people that I wouldn't be, and I was. All these lies, ha ha!

Kenny was amazing though, you watch his tricks live and you're like "How is that possible?" Phenomenal.

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