0 Comments The Showroom in Cape Town closes, Riboville in liquidation

Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 29 Apr 2009

This is quite funny because I heard this news just as my new batch of “F The Recession” t-shirts were being printed. Saucy!

So as it goes, The Showroom restaurant in Cape Town has closed (Source). Not surprising really, considering the style of eating there. Set amongst multi million rand cars, it doesn’t quite give you a warm fuzzy feeling inside. It’s like dining in a garage. Also, the portion sizes were part of this ridiculous “fashion” food, where when you’re done eating you’re thinking “Ok so what’s for dinner?”

Not for me.

Riboville is in liquidation (Source) which is a shame as it really was something spectacular, set in the old bank in Cape Town. But I suppose that what the recession does, it knocks off all the industries of our lifestyle excess. Pity.


Riboville in Cape Town: ALL GONE!

The good news? SLXS is still open to rock out! BANG Chopper Reid!

You know, maybe that Al Gore was right in saying that there is a recession…

Sean Lloyd


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