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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 26 Feb 2009

My body is known to be an absolute temple, and I will use only the finest products on, and in it. So while I was sculpting my guns at the gym today, I remembered about something I needed to tell you. For the past few weeks, before and after gym, I have been using this gel which is for stiffness, soreness and painful muscles. So I rub it into my muscles (Razor cut abs) before gym, and after gym and it works a treat!

The only thing is, it’s actually not really made for humans, but I got it at the vet. It’s called Arnica Ice and it’s for horses, but seeing as though I’m like horse, I thought I could use the gel on my guns, abs etc when training.

arnica ice

horse gel

It does say “For external animal use only” but you know, I sometimes just think that I’m raw power anyway.

Like on your box of cigarettes it says smoking will kill you, and you smoke anyway. And cane and cream soda will cause disease in the body, and it will make you sleep with randoms, but you drink it anyway. Basically this gel contains 1% arnica and 1% menthol and it’s absolutely divine (Joburg kugel) It also contains camphor and witch hazel.

So you rub it on and about 5 minutes later the spot where you have applied it feels ice cold. You could also get your girlfriend to rub it in, but make sure you don’t get too frisky. Seriously, if she starts playing with you while there is still this stuff on her hands, your piece will hurt. It will go ice cold, freeze and fall off. True story.

Anyway for any athletes out there, this stuff is amazing and I highly recommend it as a pre and post workout muscle rub. You don’t have to buy Arnica Ice for horses, you can also buy it at the pharmacies and it’s called “Ice Man” or “Herbal Ice” One of those. It’s essentially the same stuff. My 500 gram tub only cost like R45, which is quite awesome. It’s one of the few gels I have used that really works, and it relieves muscle stiffness quite well.

It’s cheap, it works, and it makes you look manly.

“What you doing over there son?”

“Rubbing horse pain relieving gel into my muscles. I did 1000 gun curls today, and this is the only stuff that works.”

Chicks dig it. Plus, I know you’ve been taking ketamine as a party drug anyway, so a bit of horse gel won’t hurt.

Sean Lloyd



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Skateboard J Website Reply

Nice! I am the CEO of life!

John Website Reply

Hi Sean. Thank you for the article. Where do you get this stuff from? I have found it but at a much higher price than you quote. Thanks. John.

Sean Lloyd Website Reply

Hey John, I found it at the vet opposite Barristers in Newlands, Cape Town. Otherwise try Ice Man or Herbal Ice, it’s available from all pharmacies. But it could be a little more expensive though.

John Website Reply

Thanks. I found it at my local vet for R62. That’s about the best price.

anonymouse Website Reply

so, then, ice man covered… where do we get the ketamine?

Team Excess Website Reply

Ketamine…probably Long Street or the Kenilworth race course ;)

stek Reply

I love it! I use it too as someone brought it over from Joburg!

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