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0 Comments Listen to your iPod in the jacuzzi

Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 26 Aug 2009

There is nothing worse than being in the jacuzzi, with like, three chicks and the champagne is flowing, clothing is coming off, but there is that little something special missing. And no I’m not talking about your natural charm, because the alcohol is there to replace that!

I’m talking about the smooth tunes from Barry White and Lionel Richie!

Well now it’s possible to buy a speaker, specifically for the jacuzzi/bath/pool. This is what it has to say:

Sound gadgets such as iPods and the like are beautiful things, but when you want to listen to your music around the house, in the bathroom, the Jacuzzi, the garden, or out by your luxurious pool, you don’t want to go ruining them with water and dirt – or come to think of it drag round speakers festooned with wires and cables etc etc. This Wireless Floating Speaker allows you to leave your high-tech gadgetry (and indeed your stereo system) safe in the warm while you take the speakers wherever you like.

You can even float them in the bath or the pool! A small transmitter hooks up to your sound system (be it big or small) and wirelessly transmits your tunes effortlessly up to 150ft away, to these incredibly cool speakers. Wherever you wander round the house or garden you can take your music with you. Hook ‘em up to your iPod, your computer, your stereo, your TV, i.e. whatever has a standard 3.5mm audio output and is pounding out sound, and you’ve got music at your fingertips. Ingenious and indispensable.

Sweet! This is what the bad boy looks like:



Click here to buy it, and pull more chicks, more often.

I can already hear it, “I can’t get enough of your love baby”.

Now…seduce me.

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