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0 Comments Do you know what a banana Steri Stumpie is?

Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 28 Aug 2009

Do you realise how hilarious a banana Steri Stumpie is in Afrikaans?

It’s called a piesang melkskommel!

That’s quite disgusting, but the truth hurts, or so they so.

I can’t say the truth about my massive, throbbing 26″ member has hurt yet (Except for hurting others), but maybe it will sometime in the future when I try POLE vaulting with it.

“Naai gatiep, let me skommel jou piesang”

Fridays in the air, clutch fluid and coke, champagne and cocaine. Cape Town is warm and I’m predicting skimpy skirts at HQ and Chevelle tonight. Feel free to touch me, I know you want to.

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