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0 Comments ManMail Woman Edition Now Out

Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 31 Aug 2009

You do know about ManMail, don’t you? Well if you don’t already (Plebb), then I’ll introduce it to you. ManMail is Mantality’s bi-monthly newsletter packed full of everything guys need to know, and it’s free! Woman, drinks, nightlife, food…anything that guys do will be in here. The latest issue is now out and I’m busy having a read over it as I autofellate write this.

I’m not even going to get into what else is in this months edition…but there are a few things there that SLXS readers may be familiar with.

Oooooooh I feel very naughty! Let’s take a sneak peek of what’s in the new edition:


Wowzee! So to catch up on all the information you need to know on woman, simply click the ManMail link in the right column. You’ll see it. Ok, I’ll just give you the link here:


On the topic of sex, come on kids, don’t do a Jude Law:

Those little buggers will bankrupt you, unless you have a Jude Law bank account. Which I don’t think you do.

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