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Drive a TT for under 100k

If you look at my jeans, you will notice a distinct wear pattern around the ankles. Not where my jeans hit the ground (Because they don’t), but just a general wear around the ankle region. This is quite embarrassing, but this wear pattern is from men.

Men constantly hanging onto me as I run away, begging to know how to live the lifestyle, how to hang out with all the women, and just how to be rad! I don’t have time to answer everyones questions, and so I run away. The clutching of me has left my jeans worn.

Anyway, today I drop the first major tip. Women love cars, and you can drive a Ferrari and look like a donkeys arse and the chances are you’ll come right. You can be Lyle Lovett, drive a Lambo…and you’ll come right. Often though, the illusion of having things is what you want. I’ve never thought it impressive when people use possessions to attract girls. Because you’re always wondering how these girls are using you, and you wonder if they really love you, and if you lost it all, would they stick with you?

Your chance for a foot in the door is to hint at some wealth. If a girl asks what car you drive, or the topic comes up, drop that “I roll in a TT”

Now a TT isn’t that great I’ll admit but at least you can spend under 100k, and “TT” sounds good.

You pick her up in your car

toyota tazz

Toyota Tazz

Now is the time to look at the expression on her face. Does she laugh, and realise that you were making a joke the entire time, but still love you?

Or does she walk away, shocked that it’s not an Audi that you’re driving?

If she is the former, then you’re good to go!

If she’s the latter, she’s not worthy of your time anyway. Go back to her when you’re wealthy.

So use the classic TT trick to see whether a girl really loves you. Its a tried and trusted method!

Remember, you can be a good looking guy and poor, and you’ll do alright. Simply marry rich. You can be an ugly guy and rich, and you’ll be alright!Another two tips right there.

You didn’t even see them coming!

Sean Lloyd


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