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South African to host Indian Premier League (IPL) next month

Once again, South Africa is proving to be the dream destination for not only leisure travellers, but sports teams and fans alike. Check this out…cough cough…Cape Town are hosting the opening of the Indian Premier League, at our very own Newlands.

Do you realise how big this is? I do and it’s massive!

The Twenty20 competition was moved out of India for security reasons. Enjoy that England were also considered as an alternative venue for the competition but I think the clashing of Pasty Poms and the Indian crooners would be too much. Not to mention the shit weather in England, the shit economy, people like Tony Blair, Gordon Brown and Boris Johnson.It’s basically a given that South Africa would be the only other place in the world to host such a prestigious event. The IPL starts in South Africa on the 18th of April.

It’s funny that people leave South Africa for other shores, but when we look at the best events in the world, they are hosted in South Africa.

2010 Soccer World Cup? South Africa!

Indian Premier League 2009? South Africa!

Lions Rugby Tour 2009? South Africa!

Incidentally I found some SICK Lions Rugby tour packages over at our buddies SA Sport Travel.

Ranging from 6 day too 38 day luxury tour packages, it’s going to be mental!

If you’re interested in having ALL of your tickets, accomodation and travel fixtures taken care of, then click SA SPORT TRAVEL and have a see what is on offer.

It’s all happening right now!

Sean Lloyd

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