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Madonna can’t do a Keith Richards

I love being a guy, because I can have a bender of a night, wake up looking like shit, walk to the corner cafe smelling of booze and cigarettes, be overweight and have no money in my bank account and yet STILL feel like a million bucks! If this happened to a chick they would kill themselves. This little story explains why Madonna does not pull off the following Louis Vuitton ad in any decent way:

madonna louis vuitton


She just looks old and siff, and women can’t let this happen. That’s why guys ditch their wives for younger models, because we have standards to uphold.

Now having said this, Keith Richards can have leather for skin, steel wool for hair and he still pulls off Louis Vuitton in an undeniable rock fashion.

keith richards old school rocks


It is one of the benefits of being a guy, that we can abuse ourselves and still be cool. Madonna exercises loads and still can’t be rad at her age.

Ha ha…it’s good to be a guy… (A vain, shallow and superficial guy)

Sean Lloyd

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