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Are any websites unsafe?

I’ve got this thing on my computer, so when I search the Google telephone machine, it tells me whether websites are safe to visit or not. So I’ve never seen any website with a cross next to it, warning me that it is unsafe. I thought to myself “What would the average person search, and would this ever bring up an unsafe website?”

Because all the websites I have ever seen have been safe. So I did a quick little test, for the common (Surely) search term “Chick fucking a horse” (I know the screenshots are small, but just look at the green ticks, which means it’s all safe)

Check it out, all these sites came up clean:

chilling hard

Another very common search term “Man sucking a donkey cock”

day in the sun

And look, no problems!

I just don’t understand where we would find any websites that are unsafe. Have you ever found an unsafe website?

I can’t seem to find any problematic sites, even using the most basic of school kid search terms.

It’s so mad at the moment, I don’t know how to control it!

Sean Lloyd

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