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Chai tea soap rocks my world upside down

It’s a well known fact that I am AWESOME.

I mean it’s a well known fact that I like to indulge in some…shall we say…leisurely pursuits that have my body looking like it’s just come off a modelling shoot. I’ve done quite a number of orders through Faithful to Nature and I must say, late last year a package was delivered to me and it contained my order of Chai Tea Soap.

Now I wasn’t quite expecting it to actually smell like proper chai tea, but it did, it did!

And the great thing about Faithful to Nature is that all their products are natural. So it’s not like that crap you buy at Pick ‘n Pay that says “natural” or “Green Tea soap” when it’s just chemical laden rubbish.

The Chai Tea soap is made up of all natural oils and when used with one of those shower sponges lathers so well! It lasts ages if you leave it to dry (Don’t leave it in the shower where it gets wet all the time. It needs to dry to make it last ultra long) I’ve always had people comment on my skin, saying it glows, and there was this time my friend Gisele Bundchen thought I was going for special chemical procedures to keep my skin looking so good that all chicks want to do is bang me.

chai tea soap

Chai Tea Soap on my nipples. If I were a chick, I’d totally bang me.

But it’s down to only the best products used my entire life, lot’s of water and never buying brands available at your local cafe.

For me the chai tea soap is amazing, it’s natural and won’t dry your skin out, but best of all is the delicious chai tea fragrance. It’s great, you can wash your balls with it and then tell people to suck your chai tea.

Woes me, THAT was inapproppriate!

But seriously, take my word for it right now and place an order for this soap, I guarantee you will never want to use another soap again in your life. I’m hooked on it and would order more but my card maxed out on crackwhores and tik last night.

This is the finest soap you will ever use, and for great natural, healthy gift ideas, you can throw together a few products on Faithful to Nature, and have them delivered to your loved one.

Nobody loves me and all I get is people throwing bags of shit on my porch, but I’m a humanitarian, and all I think about is you.

I think about you so much that I even composed a song called “Morning Glory”

That’s right my readers, I wake up every morning with a massive erection courtesy of dreaming of you all night.

I know it’s quite naughty and incestuous because you are virtually family, but my love for you is so.

Click HERE to order your chai tea soap, it’s R29 for a 160 gram bar, excluding delivery. Order like four bars, you will want to eat this stuff.

Sean Lloyd

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