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Xtreme Sterrie Stumping: Engineered in Cape Town

Not since the Crazy Monkey boys invented Foot Skating have I been so excited about a uniquely urban, cutting edge sport. I’m tired of traditional sports and it’s always like a dream come true when something new is invented in your home town. By people that went to the same school as you. And I even know some of the crew involved in this ground breaking sport. It makes me all excited and once you hear what it’s about, you will be excited as well.

Like all things these days, Xtreme Sterrie Stumping was brought to my knowledge through the internet. In particular Facebook where I stumbled upon their group “Xtreme Sterrie Stumping” Not quite sure how I would react to it, I needed something calming. So I went down to DVD Nouveau in Newlands to hire some comedy in the form of Chris Rock and Dave Chapelle. Awesome.

But I reacted well to it and I can confidently say that Xtreme Sterrie Stumping is the best sport to hit the streets since the foot skating days. It’s virtually insane how xtreme these guys are and the lengths they are willing to go to honour their sport. Already the members have started naming the various moves and have claimed the names “The Waterfall”, “The Cyclops”, “The Two Hand Long Arm” and “Double Dragon” On the breaking edge of urban culture, this is a sport that seems to be born out of necessity for survival in the urban jungle. It’s a sport that unapologetically abuses the human bodies limits.

The Cyclops

The Cyclops: With the Steri Stumpie positioned perfectly between the eyes

In a world gone crazy, a world gone global warming, a world gone eco-friendly, comes a sport that will shatter all expectations of what it is to be “xtreme” Redefining boundaries, merging xtreme physical fitness with absolute raw talent, Xtreme Sterrie Stumping is the sport for the generation tired of being force fed ideas on what exactly “sport” is. The Xtreme Sterrie Stumping team disregard their own personal safety in pursuit of the next big thrill.

This can quite clearly be seen when viewing photos of the team doing “The Waterfall”

The Waterfall

The Waterfall: A long, continuous flow of the blue bubble gum Steri Stumpie

Such physically demanding and mentally tiring pursuits are hard to come by in a world where safety is a priority. These guys probably purposefully don’t take out life insurance, such is the way they live their lives. On the knife edge.

It’s been along time since the urban setting of Cape Town has seen such a group of revolutionaries, a group full of raw talent waiting to be discovered, a group of people who defy gravity and defy the odds to become the best they can be.

 The Crew

Some of the athletes: Take their sport seriously

This is Xtreme Sterrie Stumping, and it’s coming to a neighbourhood near you.

As the group says “This group is on the breaking edge of defining a whole new culture of old school, bite it from the bottom,crazy manoeuvering…”

Click HERE for the Facebook group (You will obviously need a Facebook account to log in)

Sean Lloyd

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