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0 Comments SuperEco advertise Bisphenol

Article written by the brilliant Sean Lloyd on the 26 Aug 2009

I was reading this site called SuperEco right now, and was on an article about SIGG bottles actually containing something called Bisphenol-A which is apparently bad for you. It can’t be as bad as the shots of brake fluid we used to do back in college. Anyway.

As you know, Google ads are focused around what you are writing about and pick up on keywords and stuff like that, so a site like SuperEco would obviously only like eco things to be advertised. They’re saying that this Bisphenol-A stuff is bad, and yet they’re advertising it!


The ad says “Looking for bisphenol? Visit our marketplace”


So let’s say you were running a Christian website, talking about pre-marital sex. The chances are Google would pick up on ’sex’ and start advertising whores.


Me and Julio, smoking crack down by the church yard.

Check out that post over here . Chances are the ad will show for you too.

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