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Horsing around in Misverstand

On Sunday we decided to hit up a bit of Misverstand, just to get out of town, centre ourselves, find our souls, do some soul searching…yeah whatever! We went up to cruise around on the boat and watch some of the guys do some crazy wakeboarding and then we also thought it necessary on Sunday night to do a little cruise in the boat. Clothing optional…It was a great success!

It’s necessary to point out here that we just horsed around the entire time at Misverstand. Literally! When we were driving out we saw this horse with a massive shlong, just chilling! Eating some hay or something.


Red rocket red rocket! 

Imagine the looks I would get if I was chilling in a field, eating weed while showing off the most massive boner. I would probably be sent to an insane asylum! Or someone would shoot me. It’s crazy that horses live such leisurely lifestyles. Hanging out with the old wang out…eating some grass…probably go for a shag later while all the humans watch. That’s your horses standard day.

It’s still amusing that at my age, I find it absolutely HILARIOUS to see a horse just rocking out…with it’s kok hanging out. I made Brendon stop the car immediately because I needed to get a photo of it’s piece. It’s not that it was entirely necessary to get a photo but it did make me feel better as a person for some twisted reason.

I don’t feel ashamed though because given the chance to do what we did, all of you would have pushed, shoved and jumped at the opportunity. Some of you might have wanted to touch…

Anyway thanks must go to Andy B(Check out Andrews website at for the house, boat and all sorts of other stuff, Charlie V for also finding a horses boner hilarious and Brendon for driving with such road rage that I laughed the whole way home, especially when he started getting angry with the truck drivers.

So that was it, another successful day in The Valley.

Sean Lloyd


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