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Blog Awards, DJ Fresh, Herschelle Gibbs etc

Just to let you know that I probably won’t be doing much in the form of writing today. I basically went to some sort of Twenty Brand party last night at Hemisphere last night where DJ Fresh was playing. As in 5fm’s DJ Fresh.


DJ Stale(How lame am I today?)

Hemisphere is ridiculous. It’s on about the 31st floor of the ABSA building in Cape Town. It’s quite a rad idea. If you fall out the window though you might be in a spot of bother. The dance floor vibe seems a bit small. But I can’t dance(I’m white and male. Justin Timberlake is an exception to this rule) Luckily the windows are not open.


The bar at Hemisphere. Hunter S Thompson’s dream

Then I woke up this morning in some Japanese persons wreck room and they WOULD NOT stop screaming! I also realised that Herschelle Gibbs bent it and got caught for drunk driving.Not ideal.

We hit up Neighbourhood in Long Street in Cape Town as well. Had some spicy food but the only thing spicier was the crowd there. Nice small, extremely good looking crowd. Try Neighbourhood out. You will probably see Gavin Williams there. He footskates there after work.

The new advert on a building in town is interesting. Something for SA FM on childhood obesity. Interesting vibe there. A little unconventional from the normal models we see around. But models never look happy. At least the chubby kid does. And I guess that’s what counts. Stick thin and unhappy or chubby and happy? Let the kid eat. Don’t paste him on a building in town! Because you know he’s going to raid the sweet store with the money he earns from his casting agency. Just perpetuating the cycle!


Chubby kids. Enjoying life.

I was also at Tiger last night you might have seen me chuck my name far into the corner. Yes that was me you saw last night shot putting my name into the corner. My reason for going was that we are getting ourselves prepped for the Blog Awards apparently. I’m not concerned whether I win or not anymore.

Because I checked the guest list and it seems to me that there are some powerful people going. I like to have a drink with powerful people. While everyone strolls around discussing “Web 2.0″ and “Marketing strategies” and “Web experts” and “Web 2.0 strategists” I will be walking around with some of the SLXS team trying to drink simply, better and faster than you.

We have the Standard Bank vibe going on there.

So once again we wake up with photos on the camera of people we don’t know. We work jobs we hate so we can buy stuff we don’t need.

Yeah I’m playing Fight Club at the moment. Let’s forget last night happened.

Remind me to type that interview. Seriously do it.

I will do it once I get back from the bank. Somehow I’m in something called “debt” after last night. My bank managers a laugh, I think he just wants to wake me up early.

Ok Alpha Bravo Charlie check it.

By the way the story on the ship thing is coming along nicely. Just battling to write it without having nightmares.

Over and out.

Ghost Rider requesting a fly by.

Negative Maverick.

Sean Lloyd


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