Pagani Zonda F Cinque At Future Exotics Cape Town One Of Only 5 Ever Produced

So I do hope you’ve been reading OverDriveTV. Gavin Williams is part of it. You’ll probably remember a couple years back Gavin had the honour of his life when he met me (Even more honorable than being on MTV for Crazy Monkey). You don’t remember that post? (HERE) Strange.

You’ll remember we spoke about the Pagani Zonda before at SLXS when we were in Joburg at the Michelangelo and got photos of the Pagani Zonda outside the Michelangelo Hotel. Is that a good hotel? Check that article HERE.

Anyway, check this little bit of information, straight from OverDriveTV:

“Coming across a Pagani Zonda F Roadster in the metal, in South Africa, is a bit like finding a Panda in Uganda. Let’s just quickly get to grips with this thing: it’s on sale at Future Exotics, in the V&A Waterfront, for a cool R20 million. Depending on the exchange rate, obviously. This particular Zonda F is actually the ‘Cinque’ model, simply meaning ‘five’ in Italian; only five will ever be produced. Ever. The body is made of carbon-titanium fibre, well, because carbon fibre is just so last millennium. The engine is sourced from AMG, and ensures the car reaches 100km/h in 3.4 seconds and doesn’t stop before it hits 350. Small wonder then that it’s fitted with a rosary. The owner’s manual recommends giving it a rub before you switch the traction control off. Just between your thumb and index finger, apparently.”

And photos from OverDriveTV:

pagani zonda cinque cape town

zonda f cinque cape town

I enjoy the fact that it’s R20 million!

“Can I come back tomorrow, I just need to up the limit on my Student Achiever account, we can use a debit card can’t we?”

The guys are doing some cool work on that site, check out their exclusive interview with Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond over HERE, from when the Top Gear crew were in SA recently for the Top Gear Live Show.


Are you saying pow?


6 Comments on “Pagani Zonda F Cinque At Future Exotics Cape Town One Of Only 5 Ever Produced

  1. The Pagani Zonda in question, I believe, is not a Cinque. A few simple reasons; The carbon fibre hood should cover the entire bonnet not shaft down like it does and on the rear, instead of saying Zonda Cinque, it says Zonda F? Also, the rims and styling are wrong for the Cinque. I have seen two Zonda Cinque’s, one a roadster [no 5/5] and the other a coupe at Earls Court. I have also visited Future Exotics in Cape Town and have seen the Zonda myself….It isn’t a Cinque, just a custom Zonda F Clubsport or Roadster.

  2. Hey Tom

    Great, thanks for the heads up :)

    I’m pretty clueless when it comes to cars, I just assumed that the guys running a car website would have known.

    Thanks for the comment and corrections.


  3. Sean,
    No problems, I wasn’t trying to sound like a know it all but I’m certain it wasn’t a Cinque :) Yes, when I visited the dealership, I heard them mentioning that it was a Cinque and I had words but they haven’t seemed to listen. Ahh well, I’d love to re-visit it just to see the CCXR Trevita :O
    Sorry for sounding bigheaded :/

  4. Howzit Tom

    Ha ha, no I take your word for it, it didn’t come across big headed or anything, all good :)

    I’d also like to pay a visit, just to see whatever it is, it’s pretty rad!

    I’m sure if I walk in there in boardshorts and a torn t-shirt, they’d be more than willing to let me burn it around Chapmans Peak, ha ha!

  5. Ha, yes, I got filthy looks walking inside wearing shorts :) Love to take one of those cars for a spin, shame I don’t live in South Africa to be honest :(

  6. Hi Sean

    I agree with Tom 100%. Quite bummed that Future Exotics thinks it’s a Clinque.

    The two biggest give-aways are that the hood is not supposed to narrow down to the shaft and the the HUGE air scoop is missing from the roof.

    Apparently only 25 Zonda F Roadsters were made. So it’s still special for us South Africans. :)

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