Lifeproof Waterproof Covers For iPhone 4/4S In South Africa


There is nothing more terrifying than dropping your iPhone. Everything slows down and you go into an absolute panic, unable to comprehend what you have done in a previous life to deserve this. I was doing an Old Mutual 10km run yesterday, and had my phone in my hand and a GU sachet, and dropped the sachet. At first though I thought I had dropped my iPhone and the shock nearly stopped my heart. We all know the feeling.

There is water in the world. And it always seems to seek out the most expensive things we own. It also rains in the world, and we spill drinks, or get pushed into the pool. So protecting one of our most vital and expensive pieces of equipment is obviously important.

Lifeproof covers for iPhone are undoubtedly the most popular solutions for protecting your phone from water, dust and shock. The best thing about them is that they don’t add any extra bulk to your phone. iPhones are super slim and you want to keep it that way. Here are videos of the Lifeproof iPhone case in action:

How cool? I know, very cool!

You can order yours in white, black, blue and red from Overnight delivery is available

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