I Want To Stay Here: Kagga Kamma Private Game Reserve


I love living in a city because we do have access to a lot of cool stuff, but do you ever get the feeling that you just need to escape? Permanently? I’m sure we all get this feeling that we just need to be outdoors away from our phones and the internet and people in general (Maybe it’s just me)

It’s often not enough to get away to a holiday destination such as Hermanus, because essentially all you are doing is living your same life about an hour away from Cape Town. When I escape, I want to feel as if I am on another planet. Island escapes seem like the perfect idea (I spoke about Halaveli Resort yesterday) but closer to home, and much more secluded, we need to cast our gaze upon Kagga Kamma Private Game Reserve.

When I think of a holiday or a short getaway I always think of nature. I’ve never understood people who want to travel to places to see the worlds tallest building, or the worlds biggest/best man made anything. Don’t get me wrong, cities such as London and New York can be tons of fun, but we need to sometimes get away and completely disconnect from this manic world of ours.


And I’m sold on Kagga Kamma Private Game Reserve after seeing their open air room. It is honestly one of the coolest things I have seen in a long time! Welcome to your room

I mean, really?! Seriously?! That is insane Goldmember! Good luck getting any sleep there.

That’s not all of it, look where you’re going to be eating:

No I know, it is getting a little bit crazy now.

You should probably just book yourself in as soon as you can, because I know you’re sitting right now at your desk and your head is spinning like a lathe.

Go on, head on over to KaggaKamma.co.za and book your stay.

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