How Polarization Works With Oakley Sunglasses


People don’t realise the true benefits of polarization and how it will change your life, but I’ve been rocking polarized sunglasses for years now and they truly change the way you see the world. With all that reflected light removed, you see colours as they truly are and the strain on your eyes is taken away. Regular sunglasses just dim your view on the world, but polarized sunglasses completely cut through the glare that drives you crazy. This is how Oakley describe polarization:

“More scientifically put, polarized light is made of rays of sunlight all moving in the same direction, usually horizontally. So how do you stop something moving horizontally at your face? You put something vertical in front of it. That’s ostensibly how Oakley HDPolarized sunglasses work”

Now we can talk about polarization and how it works and I can say it will change your view on the world, but you want to see the results. Have a look at this:

Real view, no sunglasses

With Oakley polarized lenses

Real life view no sunglasses

With Oakley polarized

Real life view, no sunglasses

With Oakley polarized

With regular non polarized singlasses, it is darker but the glare is still fully present

And again on this last picture, regular non polarized lenses still let the glare in


I think those photos tell more than I ever could about polarization, how it works and why you need it.

So grab a pair for summer and thank me on the beach.

Granadilla lollies on you ;)

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