We Need More Of All Of This


We need more of all of the following, because there is not enough:

More Instagrammed flat whites
More selfies
More people using every Facebook status to sell Herbalife
More #blessed hashtags
More people in pyramid schemes telling us they’re not in a pyramid scheme
More people Tweeting their workouts
More Instagrams of your meals
More social media conferences and workshops
More people insisting they ONLY drink craft beer, and suddenly hate the beer they drank happily their entire life.
More content aggregating blogs
More landscape photos with inspirational quotes
More scatter cushions
More social media gurus/mavens/experts
More people who brake, turn and only then indicate
More #livingthedream hashtags
More drivers who pull out right in front of you and then proceed to drive at a constant 40km/hr
More people who are blind to the green turning arrows at traffic lights
More people who get to the front of a queue, and then take ten minutes to decide what they want to eat/drink while I stand behind them about to Mach 3 my wrists
More Crossfit
More vintage
More artisanal

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