Get Back By Eliot Rausch

eliot rausch get back

It’s weird watching this, especially being involved in the online world. There’s a need to capture everything, not because we want to share it with Facebook or Twitter, but because we need to share it with the world. As bloggers, there is a need to share everything. It’s not just for the sake of people seeing what we do, it’s for the sake of sharing our lives so that we can build an audience and make money from something we love.

At what cost?

We don’t quite know yet. We’re all sharing everything constantly.  To an extent, we’re all disregarding parts of our own lives every day or week so that we can share something, something that will get a ‘Like’ or a ‘Share or a ‘Retweet’ Short term, those things are great.

Long term? I have no idea.

For now it seems that it’s all about building our own personal brand and following, at any cost. I don’t know the answers, but watch this and have a think about it.

Get Back from The Lincoln Motor Company on Vimeo.

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