I Want The DB9 Yacht

db9 yacht

I sometimes think to myself ‘You know what, you don’t need that much in life, just the essentials to be happy’ The only reason I tell myself that is because I realise I’ll never become a billionaire. But I really want to be a billionaire so that I can own a yacht like this. I’ll fill it with whisky and curry (Makes me happy) and just cruise around doing whatever I please. And I’ll definitely have a helicopter as well, because traffic and roads and other people…well that’s for peasants.

Now you actually cannot buy the DB9 yacht, it os only available for charter. But if you had billions you could get something similar made.

At 52 metres she is a staggering sight with radical raking lines. But apart from cool looks she is full of very cool ideas.

“One pool is good, two is better but three is something a bit special. DB9 has an 8 metre swimming pool on the foredeck, an infinity edge Jacuzzi overlooking the swimming platform and a Jacuzzi on the flybridge.”

“The sun deck has an outdoor cinema and huge sidewalls to keep the fun in and the outside world out. Roaring along at 28 knots you feel as if you could almost reach out and touch the water. It is a breathtaking ride. The main deck is just so impressive for entertaining. On one level is a double height ceiling over the dining area, a piano lounge, sofas and double glazed doors out to a cockpit dining area, a huge quadruple sunbed and the Jacuzzi. DB9 – supreme power at sea.”


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