Ball Ironing Is Now A Thing

george clooney

It’s not as easy being a guy these days as it used to be. Well, I mean it’s not difficult, but there is more to do.

You’re not really going to attract anyone to you if your satchel is covered in thatch, so you’re now risking nicking it with the Mach 3 twice a week (Um…so I hear?) You cut once, the Mach 3 cuts your balls off. Game over.

If guys like Ryan Gosling weren’t setting the bar high enough for good looks/ripped bodies/piercing eyes and killer suits, chaps like Clooney are now having THEIR SATCHELS IRONED. Apparently he was joking, but maybe he wasn’t?!

I can see why people in Hollywood would have it done though, because please enjoy the ball ironer, Nurse Jamie

nurse jamie

Yip, you can now have the wrinkles in your sack ironed out, because this is 2013 and why should we have wrinkly, hairy balls, right? That’s so 2012.

Anyway, all I’m going to think of now when drinking Nespresso is George Clooney, sitting with a soft cloth and some Brasso, polishing his sack.

Might have to stop drinking Nespresso.

Via Gawker

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