I Need This American Giant Hoodie In My Life

american giant

I value quality in the products I buy. I always buy good shoes, sunglasses and denim.

Gareth told me about this hoodie, and when they say this is the greatest hoodie ever made, I actually just need to own one! American Giant only sell online, and from what I’ve read you can wait months for one (Check out this article ‘The Only Problem With the Greatest Hoodie Ever Made‘)

grey american giant hoodie


black american giant hoodie

Anyway, it’s $79 and I need to get one sometime. This is the making of the American Giant Hoodie

Get yours at American-Giant.com

(It’s $79, plus $40 shipping, and I always get taxed 100% on clothing so that will make this the most expensive hoodie ever purchased at about R2000. Try get a friend in America to order you one if you have a friend in America obviously. Luckily I will soon)

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