I Want The New Mercedes Benz A Class


So I was driving through to town yesterday to iFix, because I called them and asked if they had a specific iPhone 4S screen protector, which they said they did. So I drove from Tokai to town and it turns out they didn’t have it. Nice.

Anyway, the one positive was that on the way to town I spotted a car that had my jaw dropping. I hadn’t seen it before and had no idea what it was. You can usually spot a BMW, or a Merc or an Audi, but I had no idea what this car was. So I pulled up next to it and saw that it was the new Mercedes Benz A Class. Then I slowly eased off the accelerator, a little embarrassed to be next to something so good looking.

For years and years I though of Mercedes Benz as an old persons choice in car. And let’s be honest, they were. Their designs were stale and boring, and so conservative you’d be afraid to drink a Red Bull in them. Do we remember this E Class?

mercedes benz e class

It was absolutely horrific and I think that design was from around 10 years ago. I had a friend in school whose dad drove it, and even then I thought it was horrific.

But ten years later and Mercedes Benz are catching my attention more and more. Their designs are sporty, young, fast, eye catching and most importantly…I see them on the road and they really make me take notice. I’m a fan of small cars because I don’t need much in a car. I don’t need space to carry kids or loads of camping gear or sports equipment. I just need a car for myself and friends and the odd weekends away where as a guy, I generally pack a bag that people might use for a day out. I pack light and I pack minimal.




I love the Audi A3 and the BMW 1 Series, but here we have some serious competition. And if I were to choose solely on looks, I’d take the A Class. And I think when you’re comparing cars from the top manufacturers, you hardly have to worry about drive quality. They’ve all been making cars long enough to figure out how to make them work properly.

This is one amazingly awesome car, and I’d definitely look at this if I were looking for a small and sporty car.

6 Comments on “I Want The New Mercedes Benz A Class

  1. Nasty, nasty, Sean! My E-Class (E220 and over 20 years old now) is a great old thing, even if she does have as many wrinkles as I’ve got. But I’ve also seen the new A — a huge improvement on it’s predecessors as far as sex appeal goes — and I too want one. Such a pity wanting and getting are so far apart!!

  2. Hi Jenny

    Ha ha! My grandfather drove an old E-Class, and many years later my brother drove one for a while too. They’re solid cars! But yeah, compared to the new designs I can hardly believe it’s Mercedes. I’ve never really been a Merc fan until these new designs. Yip the gap between me wanting and getting is basically the Grand Canyon distance at the moment! Or earth and moon…

  3. Who can forget Grant’s e class. Many a night did we cruise the street in the jet

  4. Ha ha it was a classic! I remember rolling home from town the one night in it, Jerry was driving it at about 50km/hr…just cruising!

  5. I am working at a m/benz dealer and see and drive the new A every day I can only say awesome, but you have to hurry if you want one the orders are stacking up

  6. Hi guys! I am the proud owner of the new A-Class, with the AMG package and bells and whistles. Not exactly to the A250 AMG model, but close enough. I’m not a boastful person or like to brag, as I used to drive a simple Sirion for the last 8 years. But OMG! This car is the bomb-diggerdy! I love everything about it, and feel like million dollars in it. If compared to the BMW 1 series( which I cancelled when I heard about the A-Class) and the Audi A3 in price, it is very competitive, even though I have extras on the car. My best investment yet…

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