Wireless Bamboo Keyboard

wireless bamboo keyboard

I generally think keyboard are really ugly, unless you’re using a Mac. The keyboard on a Mac is probably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen and I would probably take it out on a date if it could actually go out on a date if it wasn’t a keyboard. Because keyboards can’t walk, talk, drink and eat. Well in a way they tlak because of the letters on them, but…wow. Sorry about that. This is what it’s about:

“Hand-carved from the finest bamboo material, this carefully crafted wireless bamboo keyboard has been designed with “the nature lover” in mind!”

“These bamboo keys are 100% natural bamboo for the earth friendly people looking for a fashionable computer accessory. So easy to install, simply connect this bamboo keyboard via the 2.4 GHz USB nano receiver and off you go! This durable bamboo keyboard also acts as an anti-static device with radiation control, so you can avoid any unwanted static shocks or rays from your computer.”

Anyway, if you want to buy this, it’s only R390 and you can buy it on this link on Mantality.co.za

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