How To Declutter Your Wallet

bulky wallet

My wallet has always collected all my slips and store cards and coins, but in recent years I’ve wanted to simplify my life and keep everything to the bare minimum. I always thought I needed to keep all my coins in my wallet and keep all my loyalty cards on me at all times. Until I realised how much I was carrying on me at all times, and how little of it I actually used on my average trip out to the shops.

So let’s start with getting rid of the non eseentials.


When you get a till slip for a Coke, or something small that doesn’t need filing, throw it out in the bin at the shop you bought it at. Simple. For bigger purchases where you need to keep the till slip, file the slip as soon as you get home. Never ever keep till slips in your wallet. They end up taking up loads of space, destroying your wallet and you’ll probably lose them.


When you receive change at the shop, chuck any coins smaller than R1 into the charity tins at the counter. Any silver coins go straight into your pocket, and when you get to your car, throw them into a compartment where you can use them to tip petrol attendants or car guards. Or take them out at home every couple of days and throw them into a money tin. At the end of the month you’ll have a bit of cash to throw about on drinks or something.

ninja money tin

Get a bank card with unlimited swipes

The easiest way to reduce what you carry with you is to keep less money. Pay with your debit card, but make sure you’re using an account where you have unlimited swipes. This way you can swipe for small items without worrying about what you’re going to pay for that swipe.

Buy a slimline wallet

matblac wallet

The more space you have to store stuff, the more you’re likely to use up. I’ve got a Matblac wallet, and it stores notes (no coins) and about 2-6 cards. I have my debit card, Woolworths card, business credit card and my drivers licence. I use those almost daily and so they can stay in my wallet. I don’t carry any store cards on me anymore.

Store your loyalty cards

loyalty cards

Loyalty cards nearly took over my life. Until I threw them all in my glove compartment. I keep all my cards locked in there and then when I know I’m going to a certain shop, I just slip the required card in my pocket. And if I forget the card…well you know what? Who cares. The small amount of money you get back isn’t really worth the energy of worrying about it.

My wallet currently contains:

1 x debit card

1 x business credit card

1 x Woolworths store card

1x drivers licence

Cash notes

And this is it compared to my old wallet with coins, and every card on the planet (I even stored an extra card holder in the centre, adding to the bulk of it)


And there we go, my life is simplified one step further. Fantastic!

6 Comments on “How To Declutter Your Wallet

  1. I can even declutter even more. Not sure if they are available in your country but in the US they offer “mini cards” , they fit on your keychain. I have them on a separate keychain in my glovebox. And most places let you use your phone number in case you forgot your card.

  2. Hi Andrew

    Ah unfortunately we don’t have those in South Africa :( I’d like to see more digital based loyalty or store cards that can just be kept in your phone. The phone number option is handy though, I wish they’d do that here because it’s really so much easier.

  3. Where did you get that money tin? It’s awesome.

  4. Howzit Craig

    I actually got it from an ex-girlfriend, but I’m not exactly sure where she got it from…on the bottom it says But I’m not sure where they’re available in South Africa, I’m sure you can buy them online though :)

  5. Thanks I see it for sale on their website!

  6. Great article, thanks Sean.
    I have actually switched to using an iWallet from MatBlac (for iPhone and 2 cards).
    I only keep my Drivers License and my Business Cheque card with me these days.
    The rest are in my wallet which is in my drawer at home. If I know that I need them I take that wallet with me. But for the most part, I don’t need anything more than my business card.

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