Aramis Life And Acqua Di Gio For Summer


This is quite weird (But true. Maybe) I was sent on some peacekeeping mission to Cavendish the other day, but got absolutely and completely sidetracked and instead of doing peacekeeping, I bought a new pair of sunglasses, tried on some fragrances and drank so much coffee I nearly had a panic attack.

I was spraying fragrance everywhere! The fragrance world is an absolute minefield though, and some are good while some are so horrendous you wonder if they were actually made by humans? Some fragrances are so bad you’d think aliens made them in order to kill us. While there are hundreds to like, two that always stand out for me in summer are Acqua Di Gio by Giorgia Armani and Aramis Life. I first tried Aramis Life when it came out a few years back in the older bottle and had Andre Agassi as the face of it.

It’s been years since I last wore it, but spraying it on the other day just took me back a few years and so it would appear that I must buy it again. I love it that fragrances can transport you back in time, because you almost feel young again! Until you snap out of it and realise your face is now wrinkled, dreams of inventing the next Google have all but disappeared and your ex girlfriend is now a Victoria’s Secret model and your best friend immigrated and is now worth millions of dollars and dating a Victoria’s Secret angel.

Acqua Di Gio is an all time classic and never, ever ages. If you’re looking for something that not many guys are wearing, try Aramis Life. If you’re looking for something that is far more popular, but ridiculously awesome, try Acqua Di Gio.

Either way you can’t go wrong with these two fragrances.

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