Let’s Buy This: Sandy Cay Island In The Bahamas


“Ha! Imagine if we spoke like that, like we’re millionaire best friends drunk texting each other after a bottle of Glenfiddich 50 year old, out to spend some money. We all buy stuff drunk on Ebay, but that’s pretty normal.”

We’ll be travelling around the world throwing iPads at people while shouting “WHAT IS MONEY?!” And look, it’s going to be fantastic.

Jerry sent me to this island because between myself and all my friends we have this idea that the day we win the lottery (Which we will), we’re going to buy an island and just go live there and tan, drink beer and rum and rest for a living. Because we’re very close to winning the lottery (I have a feeling in my loins), we have found it more and more important to start searching for the perfect island. Visualisation of what you want also helps you achieve your dream quicker. I’ve read The Secret, do not question me.

Sandy Cay in the Bahamas seems like the perfect little hideaway from this cruel, vicious world we live in. This is what we’ll be dealing with in a few years time when I buy it:

It comes in at a paltry $15 million, the perfect tax write off for a billionaire. Great! I didn’t even show you the inside of the place, because why would you ever be inside? Exactly.

Check out Sandy Cay on Privateislandsonline.com

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