Earthsap East India Islands For Men


Nearly every product you buy in a regular store is made from petroleum and an assortment of chemicals that you don’t need on your body. Which is why I have been using natural products for many years now. They work better, smell better and are better for you and the environment.

The latest addition to my manly range of products is the ‘East India Islands’ range for men, from the local brands Earthsap. The products are biodegradable, non toxic and contain no synthetic fragrances and no petrochemicals.

The East India range is quite cool as it’s spicy, but the scent isn’t overpowering. The body lotion contains 14 natural oils and spices from Islands of East India. I’ve always been a fan of the Earthsap range and it’s great to see a nice manly and spicy addition to the range.

The products work as we have come to expect from Earthsap, working as well as any of the leading brands in your average store. The only difference is these are completely natural and safe, so you can look good without having to worry about the health of your body.

The 400ml body wash is R44 for 400ml (Buy it here)

And the 250ml hand and body lotion is R40.50 (Buy it here)

Also available at Wellness Warehouse.

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