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So after a few months of on and off blogging, and then completely shutting down SLXS, it appears that I am back. SLXS has a new look (Just need a logo) and everything has been simplified. I wanted a clean and minimalist look, because this site is about words and pictures. I don’t think that having a sidebar full of Instagram feeds, Twitter feeds, tags, latest posts, most commented posts and a thousand other links is necessary. It’s distracting and ugly.

My old site design was also getting to me a bit, it was just seeming too complicated even though it was quite simple. I love the use of white space on websites as it is completely clean and non distracting. Less is certainly more. This new look is about text and pictures, nothing else. And it has actually inspired me a little more to write. I read an interview a while back about a guy in the tech industry who uses a Macbook Air. And he said that he doesn’t necessarily need a Macbook Air, he could use any laptop. But he said the Macbook Air is such a beautiful computer that he is more inspired to use it and work on it. And if that works for you, then hell, get a Macbook Air. I know I’d love one. Same thing with this design, it appeals to my minimalistic nature and makes me want to post content to it.

The featured slider at the top of the site pulls from the ‘Inspiration’ category. I started a category called ‘Mondays Inspiration’ many months ago, but then couldn’t always find great content for it. It is now just the ‘Inspiration’ category and will hopefully have some content in it that will make you think different and see the world differently or just make you want to live a better life. So many websites are packed so full of negative news that I wanted to be a bit different and throw some positive stuff out there, because I think we all need it these days. From there the rest of pretty simple as usual, new posts fit in under the sliding banner and I have removed a lot of categories and paired it down to the very essentials.

The new design is also responsive so it will work on your iPhone and iPad or any mobile device for that matter.

I never plan on becoming a news aggregator and will always try post as much of my own personal content as possible. If you want the latest news from around the world, there are loads of other blogs redistributing content.

I’ve finally learnt how to add a gallery to posts, so now at the bottom of posts with pictures you can click the first photo, and it will pop up into a nice gallery that you can flick through. Over the past few months I have become quite interested in photography and so I will try post more photos that I take, but I promise not to just post photos of cupcakes, macaroons, cats, babies and food like the rest of the internet.

So yeah, hopefully my photography improves a bit as well and I can post some cool photos from my adventures around Cape Town.

And thanks for reading the stuff I write, it’s always appreciated and I dig having you all around. Hopefully I can get back to writing cool content soon, been struggling with that lately but I’ll try pull myself towards myself!

Much love

2 Comments on “Starting SLXS Again

  1. Good to see you’re back mate. Really digging on the new design.
    And it’s true what you say: having the right tools can inspire you to push yourself even further.
    Thank you in advance for no pics of those damned macaroons.

    PS: glad you’ve decided to stick with your own voice instead of regurgitating content.
    Aggregation as content is a cop-out IMHO.

  2. Thanks dude, I know I have said many times that I’m starting again but I’ve finally realised I’m not a content aggregator and I don’t want to be. And if I can reach 25000 pageviews a month like I used to, I’m totally happy with that as long as I’m posting content I’m happy about. Let’s see how it goes this time, I will approach it on my terms and hopefully things work :)

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