Light Up Your City With Red Bull


It’s a well known fact amongst my friends that my breakfast often consists of Red Bull. It’s just that I like to run at full steam and smash my way through the day with ferocious force.

Now apart from everything awesome that Red Bull has doing lately (Red Bull Rampage, Red Bull Stratos, Red Bull Lion Heart), they are now offering you the chance to win some amazing prizes as well as the chance to see your city being lit up.

You can win a trip to the Sónar Festival in Barcelona, Spain; Red Bull Crashed Ice in Europe and Red Bull Art of Motion in Santorini, Greece. Yeah!

Here is the Red Bull Crashed Ice 2012 season recap:

And this is the Red Bull Art of Motion 2012 Santorini Highlights:

Now we’re in Cape Town and if we want a chance of winning these prizes, we need to light up our city first and to do that we need to use the hashtag #blueedition on Twitter. That is all you need to know for now. Red Bull dropped a whole load of the new flavours with me last week and they are fantastic, and I will be getting them all around my face.

Check out find out more about the new Red Bull editions, and to find out more about the sweet prizes they are giving away.

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