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Article written by the awesome Sean Lloyd on the 04 May 2012

“Over the years I’ve become interested in the environment and our impact on it, our daily choices and also the amount of people and companies who don’t care. If A Tree Falls looks at the Earth Liberation Front and their ‘eco-terrorism’ attacks, and why they do what they do.”

I’m actually 100% these guys, because with big business we know we cannot win. Oil companies spill oil into the ocean, pay a small fine and carry on doing business. There is no way to stop them because money is power, and the  only way to hit back is to make a dent in their money. There really is no solution to fixing the planet in my opinion. Only once the last drop of oil has been pumped, and the last tree has been cut down, will the environment be able to recover.

The environment is actually never at risk, because over thousands of years, it will recover. Humans however, will not be able to survive on a barren planet. Well we may be able to, but do we want to live without cars, electricity, phones, internet? Probably not. So the environment will always come out on top, we have to wrry about ourselves at some stage.

The scary thing is you can get less time in jail for murder than for eco-terrorism. But big business is essentially just another form of murder. Anyway, here is the trailer:

Rent it at DVD Nouveau, it’s amazing.

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