Can We Briefly Speak About Ray Ban’s John Lennon Sunglasses


“Look, I know people these days love going to outdoor music festivals, chowing a ton of drugs while wearing the most bizarre clothing known to man. Do what you will, but please don’t wear those round Ray Ban sunglasses, because then I’m going to assume things and judge you. I assume you look like these people then”

ray ban john lennon style

Killer shades man…literally

I shouldn’t assume because it’s not always a good thing, but I am going to in this case assume that if you wear those glasses, you are this sort of person:

mr clean

mr clean 1

mr clean 2

Yeah, the type of person who doesn’t like other people being alive. You know, basically you like to kill people. This sums it all up:

natural born killers

Stick to Aviators, they’re fine.

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