Ben Sherman EC1 Chino’s Now Available


ben sherman ec1 chino

Ben Sherman EC1 Chinos (Image Via)

“Let’s be honest, they could have chosen a better name than this? Docker’s for instance have ‘Alpha Khaki’, which sounds like you’re going out to kick ass and chew gum. And you’re all out of gum. Anyway, got word today that these are available in store, so that’s the Waterfront”

While I’m a fan of Japanese Selvedge denim for my day to day wear, there is nothing wrong with chino’s. Well there can be lots of reasons wrong with chino’s actually! I know too many old boys from my school who pair HIDEOUS baggy chinos from Woolworths or Mr Price with baby blue shirts…I mean, who does this? You look ridiculous. And fat. And that shade of blue makes you look pale. God I am judgemental.

Anyway, chino’s can be pulled off, but mix up the colours a bit. Don’t be shy. And make sure they’re a slim fit, baggy chinos are horrendous, no one’s going to sleep with you otherwise. They make a cool change from jeans from time to time. Check this photo,  that’s Zac Efron killing it in the centre in some slim fit chinos:

celebrity men wearing chinos

They also go well with t-shirts as Becks shows, or with a check shirt like Ashton shows us, although his are a bit baggy. Get the look like Zac and you’ll have more groupies than him.

Check out Ben Sherman in the V&A Waterfront for these killer pants.

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