When Nudie Jeans Link To Your Blog


“I’m not one of those self promoters, and when I meet people I don’t tell them I run a blog. If you find my blog, cool, if you don’t, well that’s cool as well. I never do this sort of thing, but I was really happy when I saw that Nudie jeans posted a link to SLXS from their Facebook page. This is what happened.”


I’ve always written what I want on SLXS, and more often than not, this means I miss out on posting on the news that everyone else is reading. But I’d like to believe I’ve built up a small audience that like the same things as me and share maybe the same vision as me.

Anyway, it was really cool to see one of my favourite denim brands linking to my blog via their own free will. I It’s always cool having people link to you because they want to, instead of them linking to you because you have a mutually beneficial working relationship. Nudie Jeans linked to an article I wrote about their jeans and that’s really cool seeing as though they have over 39000 fans on Facebook. Looking back on that article, I could have written it much better but aspects of it were good. This is my absolute favourite part:


“I’ve always had a love affair with denim, and my first pair were Levi’s (HORROR), but they carry my entire high school career in them.”

“Falling over in Green Man. Running to Billy The Bums for girls. Doing Tequila Slammers at Late Edition. Sleeping on the bench in the garden. Knocking hubbly coal onto them on the patio. Finishing matric. Failing my drivers licence. Passing my drivers licence. Going to college. Failing at college. Passing at college. Meeting new friends. Saying our farewells to friends that passed on. Going to plett. Going to Hermanus. Waking up in a place you can’t remember going to sleep at. Listening to new music, finding music that changes your life. Clubs, pubs, cars. My Levi’s were there at all these times and they carry the marks of a youth well drunk. My Levi’s were slightly faded when I bought them, but most of the wear and tear was purely from using them, day in and day out until they started to fall off me. Literally until they started to tear off of me”


That really summarises denim for me. Denim for me, is like music in that it carries in it those defining moments of your life and grows with you and never leaves your side. We all have that pair of denims we just cannot part with. Anyway, this was the reaction on the Nudie Jeans Facebook page:

nudie jeans fb post

If you want to ever get into writing or blogging, be prepared to be called a ‘fucking tool’ Forget about the trolls and just remain true to yourself. If you’re not getting criticized, the chances are that you’re not doing anything. Move on with things. So that received 115 likes, even if one was from me 😉

Then onto the post itself, that received 185 likes.

nudie jeans slxs

Quite a cool moment for me, and that was my reason to smile this week. I have a whole load of other reasons to smile, but this was cool for me.

Click here for the original article.

And click here for the Nudie Jeans website.

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